Saturday, February 18, 2006

Two Manifestoes...Manifestii...Um...

Here is a link to Bankuei's blog Deep In the Game
Bankuei is a fairly smart dude and has posted two Manifestos about gaming. He has kindly given me permission to post them here as well.

The FUN NOW Manifesto:
1. Not everyone likes the same thing
2. Play with people you like
3. Play with rules you like
4. Everyone is a player
5. Talking is good
6. Trust, not fear or power
7. It's a game, not a marriage
8. Fun stuff at least every 10 minutes
9. Fix problems, don't endure them

and it's obverse
The FUN NEVER Manifesto:
1. Everyone must like the same thing
2. Keep playing with people even if you don't like them
3. Keep playing with the same game, even if you don't like it
4. Not everyone gets to play (and by play, I mean engage & input)
5. Talking is bad
6. Fear & Power, never Trust
7. Commit. Forever.
8. Be amazed when fun actually happens
9. Endure, but do not fix problems.

No one in their right mind would suggest these, right?

Try looking in some of your favorite games about "problem players", "Don't let them get too much control", "Planning a campaign", "fudging", "Acting out of character", etc. Try looking on some of your favorite forums & online advice columns about "problem players"/"problem GMs", "Forming a group", "punishing powergamers/munchkins/ruleslawyers".

Try reading Knights of the Dinner Table and pick out the cartoons you can't relate to at all.

After all, no one plays like that, right?

This is pure brilliance and should be recognized as such.
Although, for Larps, the frequency of cool things should be about once a half hour.


At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....I've found that the more story you have, (and the less combat)the less the "endure" factor. "Is it my turn yet?" "How does Luna's Armor work, again?" "Umm, I think I have 8 dodge dice. Let me find my sheet!" "Wait. I had a stoneskin on, so those last three hits don't count!"

.....Or heaven help me, the player who asks "what should I do?" and wants an on-the-spot recap of how every discipline on their sheet works!

At 7:16 PM, Blogger kinesys said...

There are two schools of thought on this.

1) Try to encourage players to become conversant with the rules that they know and understand their options


2) Try to be so conversant with the rules yourself that you can advise on the fly. (And limit what you have to advise your characters about, by limiting their options)

I've seen both approaches work but i wouldn't want to try to do option 2 with Champions, Shadowrun, or Exalted


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