Friday, January 27, 2006

Another update of sorts

"Proof Positive that Lamarkian Biology is junk science. My right hand does not self lubricate."
-Best quote i've heard this week.

Hi ho all. Things have taken a creative turn this week. Came into a small bump of cash and went out and sloved my printer problem. Also acquired additional memory for my Palm and now I have NWOD MET loaded on it right now. 1 step closer to my goal of not having to overpack for another con again. I expect that i will also acquire my Origins membership tonight as well.

In the midst of my acquisitive behavior. i also purchased ILife 0 for my Mac. The main reason for this was to get the brand spanking new IWeb software which i hope will replace the Claris Homepage that i've been using for my old and busted webpages. Pursuant to that, be on the lookout for something of a redesign in that quarter.

Some friends of mine are also in the process of talking about a business model for a PDF based webcompany specializing in roleplaying games.

I have this idea for a larp that is roiling around my backbrain and won't leave me alone. I may have to write it and run it at Origins. It feels like a cantaloupe sized ball slowly working it's way up my spine. Poking it has not helped.

More dispatches from the front as time permits.


At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....I'm all for computer automation of certain tasks for RPGs. An engineer friend of mine wrote me an Excel spreadsheet that has a pull down menu of the various characters in the game, and their wits + alertness. As long as you keep the database current, you can just select the characters involved, and it will roll initiative for each character (and any NPCs you put in), and sort the results. Print this out, and you have a combat sheet in the order that the participants go in! (And room to write stuff, like plans, etc.)

.....There's a combat module, too, but a lot of the data in it is wrong. The biggest drawback is that it doesn't show you the simulated dice rolls. You just have to take VB's word for it on how many successes were rolled! But it is a time saver. You've got initiative done in seconds, and a printed guide for that turn!


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