Sunday, February 05, 2006

Reunion Larp Diary (Part 1)

So, i have this idea for a larp to run at Origins. The premise is simply this: A high school reunion turns ugly as four students killed in the same car on prom night show up with unfinished business.

I have my membership for Origins already paid for.
my reservations are in.
My palm is loaded with the MET book
When my show is over at the end of march i'll have enough money to cover my lodgings and i intend to pre-pay it.

Now all i have to do is sit down and create a 30+ character larp between now and June.
and prove to myself that i can write a large project.

First step: re-read the entire MET book from cover to cover. Re-impress as much of the rule set on my brain as i can. then go back and Highlight and tab it. Believe it or not this incredibly anal retentive task helps me learn the rules cold so i can run things like Improv.

I've already written an outline, a timeline, a list of the various types i know i'll need, as well as a list of types that can be dropped in on short notice. I also plan to create a "Spouse" template for any people my beyond my projected group. A spouse template would be a greatly simplified sheet along with an envelope with something like: "You've been cheating on your spouse with his/her best friend for the last six months. She may or may not know but tonight, you're gonna get liquored up and the whole thing is going to come spilling out."

I plan to be the DJ for this little soirree and i have a large collection of 80's music for the event.
I also plan to have an "Open Bar" for this event (which will be a cooler with sodas and bottled water.)

I may also do some Aeon Adventure stuff at the Con as well. but that's far from set in concrete.

Sono Finito


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Everett said...

Your post isn't specific, so I assume you're doing an all-mortals game. Do you think that's going to be poplar enough to attract players? The Mage larp you mentioned at last year's Origins was just you.

At 4:33 AM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....My guess is that the scenario is a "you don't know shit" affair. Are the returnees Wraiths? Vampires? or just lucky mortals? No one knows, but the "authorities" pretty certainly fingered them as "dead." Many sad, high-schooler funerals. (Nothing like that stuff to get a teenager all maudlin! We had a half dozen or so like that when I was that age, all victims of curvy, hilly roads, big-ass GM V-8 cars, and not enough guidance and common sense!)

.....I'd play, assuming I could be there through the whole weekend!

At 8:34 AM, Blogger kinesys said...

Ev: The one thing that i think will be a kind of draw is that it's NOT a vampire larp and it's built to be N00B friendly. If it doesn't get the numbers at Origins, i'll try it somewhere else.

Reign: The returnees are ghosts.
The larp actually only runs one night (Friday from 8 to 12-ish)


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