Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hello again my freaky darlings...

So. My G5 had it's guts ripped out and then put back in. thankfully, they didn't have to actualy have to touch the hard drive. So not only do i not have to spend the next couple of weeks putting all the data back in the right place, but i also got my money back that they charged me for clearing the hard drive and re-burning my data back to the drive.

Also: Yay!

This has been kind of a time for ups and downs. Had some major problems while on the road at work that frayed my nerves more than a little bit. Had some incredible dice luck at the Demon the Fallen game that I play. But ended up paying for that last night at the Vampire: the Requiem game. Had one of those night where my dice mojo deserted me completely. Those things happen on occasion.

Got myself cast in a production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" at Actor Guild of Lexington. This means many things:
1) Paying gig. Will make enough off the show to handle a number of my expenses for Origins.
2) Short term, it will crab my availability for various games that i dig. Fortunately, most of my fellow gamers round this area realize that Theater is my career and don't give me a lot of shit about it. Also, i let them know in advance when i won't be available so, it's not a huge problem.
3) Will be working with an actress that i have "History" with. Not real happy about that, but it's not crippling either.
4) It's a smallish role, so it's not going to be energy intensive.
5) More fodder for the book i'm working on.
6) Gertrude is gnawing her own liver in jealousy over me being in this show. I larfing!

In other news. I have acquired a Palm Tungsten. It's neat! I am at present working on a way to boil down the absolute necessary stuff from the MET NWOD book so that i could conceivably run a larp out of the silly thing. I'm not so swish with this thing yet that i didn't have trouble at the game last night, but I suspect it will come with time.
The only problem is that i've installed Big Money, Bookworm, and Tetris on it. Massive time wasters all.

Maybe some news and pics later tonight if i'm feeling froggy.


At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....Happy to hear you're back! Good computer service is a rare thing. Be happy you paid the premium for an Apple!

.....I'm planning on replacing my own "personal system," (as if there is such a thing in a house with multiple teenagers) with a new multi-media PC with all the bells and whistles, this spring. But my old twice rebuilt 486 (Now a 300 mhz 256meg RAM system) will be carefully
packed away, in case of main system failure. I cannot, cannot live without a computer these days. Heck, I'm on e-bill for a lot of things!

.....Palm is a great, simple OS. Stay away from the Palm Treos with Microsoft, though. They're a lot buggier, slower, and less intuitive!

Rock On


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