Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some news stuff that i've been saving up since before Christmas(Feb/05/06)

The Flying Squirrel Man of Alcatraz
I've also seen this kind of thing in the Lara Croft movies. It seems to me that this would enable pin-point landing on even a HALO jump. Neat as hell. i could see using this in a game.

Say goodbye to cars that are surveilance free

While the encroaching loss of anything resembling privacy makes me nervous as hell, I can't help but catalog these things for use in Dystopic future settings.

A spiffy new radar based toy for law enforcement
Again, nervous about these sorts of things, but also thinking about having this sort of thing in my kit bag for my Spycraft 2.0 character.

...At 3:14 PM Botnet woke up...
Apparently this guy was hiring out his huge network for distributed spam and DOS attacks. What a waste!

Tron Frisbee
If you loved me at all. You would make sure that i got one of these for my birthday.
I am such a nerd. But I love frisbee, and it's about the only exercise i really like.

Cthulhu Carols
Not really news and kind of late for the holidays, but still worth mentioning.

Robotic Wheelchair that can drive itself.
So if your wheelchair bound villian is actually "killed", his chair can still manage his escape.

Bedside table that turns into a shield and club
Okay, I'm paranoid and even I think this is a little much. Neat though and no reason why your players or villians couldn't incorporate their violence into their design sense.

Ferrofluid Sculptures
Nifty photos of sculpting with metalic fluids and magnets.

Thousands of people living underground in Sofia, Bulgaria.
How can you not use this kind of information? Hell that's practically a whole setting!

Sono Finito


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....It's really pretty amazing how many computer illiterate folk are willing to fork over $40 a month for a broadband connection. No, that email about your Paypal/Ebay/bank account needing updating is bogus. Your kids shouldn't be downloading that cool new video: MyHumps.exe. And at least have current AV software on the machine! AVG and some others are FREE!

.....Those hand-held radars look like they could foil a lot of ambushes. Wonder what happens when you point one at a running microwave?

.....The table that turns into a club and shield made me laugh! They forgot about those of us who actually use a nightstand. Let's see, we have to remove the lamp, books, alarm clock, telephone, water glass and God knows what else, then disassemble the thing. I could probably unlock and load my shotgun faster...

.....Bums living underground in Sofia is really not so surprising. You can't just lie down on the sidewalk to sleep in Eastern Europe this time of year! It's around 18 degrees F there right now, and they might get up into the balmy 30s by the weekend!


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