Friday, June 16, 2006

No, I haven't forgotten about you...

Things have been intense of late. As mentioned in my last post, i am still neck deep in working two jobs.
I may be working on a project with Keith Taylor, Andy Davis and Clayton Oliver over the course of the next year.
I'm taking another SERIOUS look at learning how to podcast.
I've stepped back into the world of working as a Narrator/ST for my local Vampire larp and hope to have the thing completely re-organized by the time school starts back. I'm already working on re-organizing the thing around a blog and our yahoogroups list.

Which is actually something i'm planning to do to T.I. The Website is more or less superflouos in the world of Blogs. I can host all the content in the files section of the mailing list and use this place as my primary web-hub/news outlet/spleen-vent/whatever, etc...

Content-wise, Clayton's Adventure! game has kicked the part of me that like Adventure! and i have a list of new knacks that need writing down and notes for same.

I also have a list of new crank topics that i expect will come boiling out of me soonish.

Origins is closing in.

Still thinking about writing a book on larps and how to organize them.

Still thinking about whether or not to create a Cafe Press store for this place. I have some interesting ideas.


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