Saturday, May 13, 2006

Real life intrudes

A bit of a news update for those who follow this thingy:

Recently, a group of my friends got a little tired about my crabbing vis-a-vis my job at the bakery and conspired to help get me hired at the Laboratory where they work.

The job is physically active and hectic and the pay is less than i am making at my current gig. But it's a day job as opposed to an overnight job. It's all indoors. I work with my friends. And the company has a pretty stellar health plan with dental.

My only trouble is that they can't offer me full time as of yet, So at the moment i am going to be working the two jobs for at least 2 months.

Which sucks pretty fucking hard. I'll get through it all, but right now i'm neck deep in work.
The good news is that it won't fuck up my trip to origins and may in fact help pay for additional cons this summer. Two revenue streams are kind of nice.

The bad news is that all i seem to do is sleep and work and occasionally game. I also won't be able to write the Reunion larp for Origins nows as i simply won't have time. This does however leave me open for other things while i'm there.

I am still bumping along with the Wanton Wicked chat game and having a good time there. I've recently started an Adventure! game on sundays where i actually get to PLAY!

It's begun to make me think interesting new thought and itch to run A! again.

Sono Finito


At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....Yes, it does! I was supposed to play Morrow Project yesterday, but it got canceled. I suppose Mother's Day weekend was too much to hope for. But, damnit, we had kicked Trouble at Riverton's ASS, and were looking to help the poor townspeople!!!!

.....So, instead, I slept till five PM, told my family they were on their own for dinner, ate a pastrami/pepperoni/tomato sandwich for dinner, and tried out ABC's episodes online. And damn! I was able to watch this week's Alias much clearer than the cable! Power outtages zapped our VCR programming. Only thing about ABC's service: when those Oil of Olay commercials come on, yank the headphones off! They're about ten times the volume of the show!

.....For dessert I had potato chips and ranch/sour cream dip. Mmmmm. And after a Sunday buffet at the local top Chinese place with the inlaws, I went nuts on leather furniture at the La-Z-Boy store. Real life has wreaked havoc on my nutrition and bank account! My tax refund and gain-sharing bonus is gone.

.....And in my gaming life, we anhiliated(!) the nasty vampire hole the kingdom of Attelaria had ignored for a decade, and staked the master vampire. Unfortunately, the master's ally, the Grandfather of Assassins, escaped. He's the "kidnap and torture your family to death and destroy their soul one-by-one" type. And we had about eight bodies to ressurect. Lotta Con points gone! I'm kinda feeling the need to let the newbies game off a dozen or so months while I play an NPC, and let my archmage research a good no-escape trap spell! Only thing is that the world won't sit still while I do it!

.....Congrats on the job! That insurance is worth more than you know! Us Mt. Dew/Coffee/booze mouths tend to need expensive dental work after decades of substance abuse! It's nice to know that root canals and crowns are 80% covered, and you aren't going to end up toothless and yeah, I'm gummin' it! (McDonald's parody intentional!) The do-nut biz ain't gonna even pay for the extractions!


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