Saturday, December 17, 2005

Friday News Roundup (12/16/05)

Yeah I know, it's a bit late. It's been a hectic week. Work has been killing me.

A slight change of format to the FNR. Now that i know how to make the HREF tag for this sucker, i'll be posting links to things and headlines. Then a little discussion, as opposed to posting the whole freaking article. This i think will be a great deal less work intensive.

A former Doobie Brother has become one of the leading names in Counter-Terrorism

Talk about a varied career! Of course, this makes it all the more difficult on us poor GM's when a player brings us an Assassin Guitarist who used to be the Pope.(OMGBBQWAFFLEHOUSE!!!!111)

Chechnya, Quite possibly the Radiation capital of the world.

We should keep an eye peeled for superpowers from now on. Some Chechen dude gets bit by a radioactive mollusk and... No. I can't even continue that line of thought. I can feel my intestinal tract trying to reach up and strangle my brain.

Old Mayan temple found with new information about Mayan Society

I was of course hoping that there was details about their pacts with the Greys, and or ghoulish rites praising the Bat God, but it's only more dull anthropology.

Virgin to build privately owned spacefleet

Richard Branson is like a fucking comic book character. God Bless Him! Maybe we should send him to Chechnya in order for him to get kewl powers. In any case, he's keeping the dream that you and I may eventually get a chance to go to space in our lifetime. He may succeed, he may fail. but he's keeping the dream alive, and that's fucking important these days. My only concern is that he's only raised 225 Million for his space port. in another couple of years, you won't be able to film a summer blockbuster for that much money. 225 Million would only be able to make a Greyhound bus terminal in space.

Chinese Hackers going after American military targets

Didn't I see this Movie? Doesn't the Pentagon pay attention to pop culture? Don't they remember that SUN TZU was Chinese?
Seriously. Get your heads out of your asses Pentagon and get busy creating some of that "security" you promised us, in exchange for our freedoms. Which segues nicely into this...

Airport security doors foiled by turning the handle
Making a technology fool-proof and making it idiot-proof are two very seperate and distinct things.

Quite possibly the best close-up illusion i have ever seen
Seriously. watch the video. All the way through.

Five team Dysfunctions
Business and Managment blogs can have useful ideas regarding leadership. Since leadership can be an incredibly important component in the business of running a TT or a Larp game, i've started paying attention to this stuff. This might be a useful help to you and might even suggest plotlines designed to overcome these problems and allow the the players to have a certain amount of PC "Sticky" with one another.

60 pages on a internet forum of Larp Horror stories

Or as I like to refer to this stuff, "The Textbook on how NOT to run a Larp".

Jailhouse technology
How to build stuff while stuck in the hoosegow. This is the kind of information that is so neat to me that it's a bit like porn. I can't get enough!
Joseph Goebbells and his Swinging Nazi Band

You know it's stuff like this that knocks you on your ass. You walk around in your ordinary daily life, and you think you've got a pretty idea of how weird the world can be. It's a mostly manageable quotient of strangness...and then you find about THIS! It stretches the suspension of disbelief, and this ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

Bohemian Grove
Captains of government and Industry cavorting in the woods and doing weird rituals. Normally this sort of thing would have me reaching for my tinfoil hat, but i know too much about the Trilaterals, the CFR and the Bilderbergers in order to really disbelieve.

How the MIRT works
The Infrared strobe that cause traffic lights to change. I gots to get me one! I also got to get me one of those radar detectors that let you set the speed you want the radar to register.

That's right. Stay the fuck off my road!

Sono Finito


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....Jeff Baxter was a gutty guitarist. While lots of us axe-sters have to have numerous amps, pedals, racks of effects, and generally hide our mediocrity behind dazzling electronics, Baxter plugs his guitar straight into the mixing board. "Baxterized" is actually a known recording Jargon word. Fingers, strings, tape, talent. Kudos!

.....Pentagon getting hacked by the Chinese? I'm more concerned about White Wolf getting hacked! I've bought stuff from them repeatedly. Got to watch that VISA statement closely...

.....As to security doors, where I work, we've got one of those hand scanner things we have to use to get in. I'm sure it was quite expensive. The sad part is that the plant is on several acres with a rusty chain-link fence around it, and a couple of minimum wage Barney Fifes watching things. A pair of bolt cutters trumps high tech...

.....What, you thought all the Nazis listened to was polka? Watch "Where Eagles Dare," my fav WWII movie!

.....Mirt? Our local governments can't even keep the electronic-loop lights working properly. As for speeding, if you drive 70 mph on Birmingham's interstates, you will get your doors blown off by most other drivers. There are risks to driving 85 MPH, but a ticket is not really one of them. It's the redneck in the 1947 all-rust chevy pickup full of firewood, putting along at 30 mph in in the left lane, with his turn signal running non-stop. It really puts those old Pole-Position steering skills to the test!



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