Friday, December 09, 2005

Fridays random Pictures (12/09/05)

"Hi There. I'm looking for a new Chief of Staff..."

This requires a level of dedication and tenacity that i think we can all admire.

Closer...Just a little bit closer!

There are no words really...

For some reason this attracts me and horrifies me at the same time.

Please Hammer, Don't hurt em!


At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....Cats in Christmas trees, horrors! Our youngest cat experienced its first tree last year, and destroyed at least 30 ornaments. The entire bottom three feet of the tree was denuded by New Years! Calicoes are crazy!

.....I've always kind of wanted a pink and black guitar, but that one is a freaking Squier! With no tremolo or front pickup! Yuck! I've got a 1979 Fender Strat, but mine's bright, electric green with a black pick guard. With Duncan Hot Rails pickups, two 120 watt amp heads, and 8 12-inch Celestion speakers, I can RULE THE WORLD, baby! (or at least the sound waves of my neighborhood!)

Rock On


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