Saturday, November 26, 2005

Breaking the Rules (tip 1)

As i said in the past, Well run cities are dull cities. Princes who are actually efficient at their job and are capapble of stamping on all evildoers makes for dull play.
Since this is the case, it's a good idea to start coming up with things that you can do to create more plot and liven up the game, even if it means that your character might actually get into some hot water over it.
To this end, i will post a couple of things you can do to break the rules. This won't be a regular column nor will it be like a two parter or something. (I'm STILL struggling with the second part of Know your Role.) These will just be coming out as i think of them.

Feeding where you Shouldn't
Usually what happens is that the prince and the primogen divvy up the prime bits of real estate and then tell everybody where the feeding grounds are. I have seen situations where a PC has fed outside of his feeding grounds, but for the most part it was something that was engineered by the ST's. Mostly on a blown hunt roll or maybe a blown frenzy roll.

What I don't get, is why there isn't more actual intentional breaking of this rule. After all, if it weren't a problem, they wouldn't need a freaking rule for it would they? What better way to preserve your own feeding grounds and show your contempt for another vampire or covenant, than by intentionally grazing on their patch.
This has multiple benefits. If you eat clean, you can probably get away with it for a long time without the vampire(s) in question even catching wise. If you eat sloppy, (and refrain from getting caught) then you can make hunting in their patch that much harder as neighborhood watch programs spring up to combat the menace and home security starts to get more stiff.
In fact, you can be caught red-handed by the vampire whose territory it is and if he's of less status than you, then who will believe him? Granted, if someone really looks into things with Auspex the truth can come out, but you might be able to buffalo them or dominate them into forgetting.
Naturally, if someone twigs to what you're doing, things can get a little hairy but at least it gives the Sherriff's deputies something to do. Keeping them going in the wrong direction or buying them off might require a little effort. To this end you might go to the additional effort of dominating a couple of vampires into feeding in that area too in order to muddy the waters. Feeding while obsfuscated might also provide some protection. You could also dominate someone into eating sloppy
in your own area (as a last resort) in order to throw suspicion off of you.
Now, if you do get caught, you can expect to be dragged in front of the prince but this crime is a relatively small time crime compared to something like say, Diablerie. Also, you can expect to make an enemy out of the character who you've been poaching from. Naturally, if someone feeds on his patch, he'll suspect you and probably accuse you publicly. Naturally, if you can dominate someone to do it for you, specifically someone with enough Obfuscate to look like you, while you are at a party in front of 50 witnesses... Well, that just means people will assume he's crying wolf next time...
Feeding in another predators domain is the same thing as pecking at them, like chickens do. If a chicken has a spot of blood on them the other chickens will peck them to death. If done right it can even provoke a frenzy, like a mortal insult.
A kindred suffering such an insult in public will be wroth with anger.

In fact, it is my hope that this little tip, will cause PC's in larps all over to start poaching on other's domains. It will certainly up the soap opera factor.

Sono Finito.


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