Saturday, May 03, 2008

Undignified Cause of Death List

he Undignified Cause of Death List: ( roll 1D15)

He was;

Killed in a freak gazebo collapse.
Sucked up into a vent
Dragged under a fast moving carousel
Beaten to death by pissed off Hare Krishnas
Slain by a falling walrus.
Decapitated in a freak morris dancing mishap
Run down by a haunted moped
Killed by an accidental airline bathroom depressurization
Killed when he accidentally got his scarf caught in a cyclotron
Killed by catastrophic sinus failure
Infected by the Borneo "swelling testicle" disease.
Nose hairs caught on fire, died of smoke inhalation.
a Victim of spontaneous human implosion.
laid low by an infected mollusk bite.
Became the world worst escape artist
Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation (thanks to Stewart Barnes)
Run down by a street sweeper (thanks to Ben Vandgrift)


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