Saturday, May 03, 2008

Addenda to the Gamer Jargon Lexicon

Okay. i've got to admit that i've come to love the Gamer Jargon Lexicon and so i've come up with some of the jargon and phrases that have become common parlance in our games here at T.I.

Mojo ( 1. Magickal power, 2. Raw manliness etc... May be applied to nearly any skill or talent to denote power or lack thereof. I.E. " He would have been okay if his legedary dice mojo hadn't given out at the critical moment.")

Wake me for Combat (Uttered by persons who have no interest in actual role-playing and are waiting for a fight to break out so they can get their rocks off by rolling lots of dice.)

Engage the Plot Device! ( Refers to the semi-mythical plot device and it's operation. Denotes a situation where the GM isn't exactly being subtle about what is plot and what is not.)

Sub-Space Plot-based Phenomenon ( Indicates any Plot device that cannot be avoided once it is spotted no matter what you do. Reverse engines full all you want monkeyboy, it will avail you naught.)

I will bend it over the coffee table and have my nasty way with it. (denotes a situation where the person intends to exert total mastery. Often refers to rules rape.)

On the Payroll ( The state of being blood bound to a vampire. Ghouls require regular infusions to keep their ghoul like state. From the Kinesys derived maxim: "Everyone on the payroll is a potential bulletshield.")

But i didn't have the salmon mousse! ( default phrase when you are totally confused. From the Monty Python film. The Meaning of Life )

Ground Zero Dump (A combat tactic that involves dropping an area effect attack at one's own feet in the belief, somtimes mistaken, that they are immune to the attack or will be able to survive it better than any of the ravening horde they are surrounded by. Surprisingly effective, if a little hard on nearby compatriots.)

Kibbitzer ( From the Yiddish, to stand by and offer helpful advice without actually playing. Detrimental in cards. Actively upsetting in RPG's. Kibbitzers may need to killed if they cannot be driven off.)

...Holocaust (Descriptor appended to adjectives to denotes throwing around a huge amount of collateral damage. Examples: Hot-and-cold-running Holocaust, Hot-buttered Holocaust, Push-button Holocaust...etc.)

Weapon X ( slightly derogative term reffering to players who have poor impulse control especially involving attacks that might affect his compatriots.)

We have Audacity! ( Used to rally other players in the face of a massively superior enemy who has never lost to the players. From a speech once given by Ivan Crowley.)

Go Quad ( To break out the whoopass in a heretofore unseen manner. origin obscure)

When last we left our intrepid heroes...: (Phrase used to signal the actual begining of game play.)

Having said that...let's move on. (Phrase used to encourage a change of subject.)

Blood and Thunder Style. ( Refers to gaming that doesn't involve any of the small details of a low fantasy campaign like not getting lost or starving to death on the way to the castle of Abject Dread. May involve tossing around some Hot,buttered Holocaust.

Meanwhile...In another part of the city. ( Standard scene change phrase.)

Clusterfuck Tactics. ( Succeeding in combat despite an abject lack of teamwork.)

Mortality Warning. ( Warning given by the gamemaster during the climax of a story arc denoting the very real possibility that screwing up can get you killed.)

Gregor's Law ( Which states: Tardiness to the game, destroys dice mojo. Seems to be true by all accounts so far.)

St. Trillian's Gift ( The ability to remember game history minutae that every one else has long forgotten.)

No Plot Night. ( Indicates a game night where the Gm has not scripted anything in order to allow players to pursue their characters own goals. Usually caused by laziness or exhaustion. but is occasionally a cruel hoax. Also refered to as Sleepy GM syndrome)

Mutant Shmeld Game ( Refers to an existing game that brings in setting material from a whole other game. Example that i have seen and done include; Mage/Call of Cthulhu, Top Secret S.I./Call of Cthulhu, and Battletech/Call of Cthulhu.)

Quarterback ( a player that tends to drive the plot with their active approach to problems and wilingness to lead. Origin obscure...may come from sports or something.)

Being hit byThe Plot (blank) ( Usually refers to a situation that is deeply unpleasant but is necessary to generate the actual plot. The blank is usually some implement of destruction. I.E. Plot Stick, Plot Hammer, Plot Belt-sander...Etc.)

The big, red, caaaandy-like button (indicates something that should not ever be messed with...but probably will be.)

Trenchcoat of Holding ( a situation where a character is bending the rules involving encumbrance past any reasonable explanation. Also denotes trying to conceal weapons on your person that cannot actually be a 6 foot claymore. )

Krixing it up ( Succeeding so wildly at a task that everybody in the party wish that you hadn't done it at all. named after Krix Wildrose.)

RoleMaster Style Hit ( An attack that succeeds so wildly that it passes into legend. I.E. Your character hits an opponent, vaporizes him and his spleen flies out and kills a whole other guy. The other enemies on the board stop for a moment and stare...they may even clap desultorily while they seriously reconsider their life path. The slain enemy is -47 to next initiative.)

The Oyster Fork of Doom ( a non-weapon that ends up being used as a weapon in the heat of combat, and to deadly effect. Comes from an Aeon Adventure game where a character actually killed a gun toting enemy with a flung oyster fork.)

The Yoshi Propensity (refers to a character that is not some sort of combat god but who has the dumbest luck with decapitating head shots.)

Toy Surprise Villian ( a villian that explodes messily when slain, often showering the heroes, with toxic, caustic, or actively teratogenic gut-splatter. Noticably hard on clothing. Also: Evil Pinata Effect

Pulling a Garrison ( Extreme dice luck for good or ill. Garrison was the name of a Star Wars character who had a propensity for accidentally horribly botching the simplest actions ( I.e. tossing a grenade) but also had the ability to occasionally kill the main villian with one shot.

Welcome Wagon ( a seige tactic pioneered in a Mage campaign of mine which involves going to where the bad guys are, knocking on the front door and then defending oneself.

Damage Sink (a player that has found a way to become damn near unkillable within the rules and is capable of soaking up damage like soaking up gravy with a biscuit. May not actually be much use in the fight but is definitely going to survive it. Extreme examples of this character type have been known to strap live claymores mines to thier bodies.

More added when i think of or remember more.


At 10:06 AM, Blogger Geoff Gander said...

Nice listing! I have to admit I was very interested in hearing that you melded Top Secret/SI with CoC. Care to share any details?



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