Monday, October 09, 2006

I think i may have cracked it!

So. I keep wanting to have a way to hand new players some plot. and/or to give some plot to older players that may be getting bored with the way their characters are playing out.

Finally, i think i've got a way to do it.
I thought about how some of our plot is the kind of stuff that i go to a certain player and ask them to volunteer for it.

It occured to me that it might not be bad thing to create a file of volunteer plots. My instinct is to make it a random draw sort of thing. Such plot would be short term and discrete insofar as they could be dropped into ANY game session. Things like a getting jumped by a group of vampire hunters and managing to get away. Maybe some kind of feeding disaster. Perhaps a bit of short term spying (And in the case of a vampire game, spying which the player may not be aware of doing)

My only problem is that tried something like this one before with feeding tests and had to listen to too many people crabbing about a bad draw. I have to wonder whether it might be okay to create separate categories of volunteer plots, so that you can choose at least the direction of your self-directed character screwing.

Still Tinkering but i'm on the right track.

In other news, Attendance of the Larp is up and we may be able to move back onto campus finally. Things are looking up.


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