Friday, November 18, 2005

Photos from Origins

So, it turns out that adding photos to this Blog is retardedly easy. And since i remembered that i have some photos that i took of some game tables at Origins...

I love the Ziggurat. and all the pretty trees.

Teeny teeny british troops...

I remembered being quite taken with the colour choice and the detail work on this castle. Nifty!

Followers of Set Represent Muthafuckas!

Wouldn't relish fighting my way across this terrain. Could be worse though. Could be snowing.

I have no idea what this game would have been. but I must admit that i am fascinated to know.

Just about the damn coolest castle i saw.

Now i kind of see why the Mongols were so demoralized when the rolled and saw the wall. I can only imagine that it would have been the Mongolian equivalent of "What the Fuck! Where did this come from!"

Sono Finito.


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