Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In Da House

Over the last couple of days, i happened to see Steven King's "Rose Red". Oddly this is one of those weird movies that has an odd resonance for me.

I dream about houses. Great big ones. the kind you can get lost in. The larger and the weirder, the better. I think houses symbolize the human mind in dreams. I am also fascinated by the concept of the Memory Palace as it relates to the mind.

Houses have a specific vibe and when creating a place for players to move around in, you gotta think about that vibe and try to find ways to help the players find that vibe. and it's not all about the furniture and the tchotchkes.

If i ever hit the Powerball, I'm buying a big Victorian house. If i have a chance, i'd have it built from scratch with secret doors, hidden elevators, firepoles, passage-ways, and additional crazy shit like that. A place highly conducive to fun larping. That shit would be so sweet.

In the meantime, I offer you links!
  • A blog of the Winchester Mystery House

  • Wikipedia's Entry on Memory Palaces

    At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

    .....A family friend of ours did build his house with several secret passages and rooms. He's decorated each secret room with a few odd, old-time musical instruments like concertinas, zithers, harpsichords, etc. And thus, when someone plays one of those instruments, others in the house can hear (but not find through traditional doorways) the faint strains...

    .....Of course, as a guy who majored in Bacardi in college, I'll never be able to afford such! I live in a small, rectangular, cinder-block house with few secrets. But it's old, built before WWII, and everything inside the blocks is solid oak or tongue in groove pine hardwood... If only someone could invent something to keep plaster from cracking!

    .....As one who lives in the foothills of the Smokies, I think a cliff-side residence is also optimal for atmosphere...



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