Saturday, November 05, 2005

An organizational tip!

I'm Anal. You may have noticed.
The only real problem is that i'm not Anal ENOUGH! Anybody who has run a larp knows that there is always an amount of information that slips through the cracks. You say to yourself, "I'll remember that until i get home." and then when asked later about the issue, you have to go, "...Um. Refresh me?"

I do this a lot.
To my credit, i have gotten pretty good about improving answers to question, so at least some part of my brain has been thinking about the issue.. But still and all. it would be better if i had a really good idea of all the issues that i need to have squared away by game time.

I've tried to keep a little pocket notebook, but the task of writing notes down is too fucking slow in the onstage environment and once i'm offstage, I need to decompress rather than take copious notes.

Oddly, i've discovered a way to keep notes that comes out of a prop i bought for a game.
I bought a mini tape recorder. I meant to use it to catch other players out with outrageous statements (usually about that asshole Prince, heh.)

Lately though, i've remembered that i am in fact a genius, and figured out that the Mini tape recorder is a damn near perfect tool for taking notes. It's fast, you can operate as fast as you can talk, you can record certain scenes if you choose, You can even interview people with it when asking THEM questions.

I can't believe that i didn't think of this sooner.


At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....Not bad at all! I just have trouble deciphering what I'm hearing on my mini-deck. Too many years sitting in front of 100-watt Marshalls, I'm afraid!

.....Various members of my circle have recorded games before, the big problem is the "sifting through the garbage" issue. It would work better if you only record pertinent stuff.

.....I make my gamers write a post game note. If I couldn't answer it during the game (maybe due to time), they better get it down in a note. And then replies can be sent back via email, and not wasting precious gaming time!

.....On the other hand, I do have a couple of really good role-players, who are dyslexic about their written notes, and I think I shall try recording their questions!



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