Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Leading By Example

A girl i am very fond of, is very far away. Gertrude (Not her real name) is in the wilds of Florida and i am missing her somewhat fiercely. A while ago, she called me and asked me to help her find a larp in the area. Since i hold a black belt in Google -fu, I was able to locate one for her in a nearby city and she goes to her first game session soonish.

She mentioned this to me last night. She also said, "I only hope that the game isn't full of pimply boys with trenchoats who are going to try to chew on me. If it is, I blame you."

Which I guess is fair. (That noise you hear is the rolling of my eyes.)

I do think that it's important when going to a larp to make a good impression. Which she definitely does. Gert, for all the things that make me twitch, is a classy lady and she brings the party with her wherever she might go.

Class may not be contagious, but it does have a tendency to bring up the level of the social dynamic. and i think that it's important to for any person who is thinking about running a larp to strive to be, at the very least, an asshole with class.

So, if you don't have your act together, start paying attention to the people who do. If you do have your act together, give folks a chance to try to get theirs together like you. You can't really do the work for them, you can really only point the way.

Who knows, if everybody tried this, the dorkiness of this hobby might melt away like dew on the spring grass.

In any event, i'm warning the gamers of Florida that I'm willing to get on a plane and execute every last one of you if Gertrude says that i should. So try to have your party manners in place. okay?

Sono Finito


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