Monday, June 23, 2008

Here comes the ZYDECO!

At the end of last month, I lost my job in the laboratory. Actually. I was laid off for budgetary reasons. I was however given my full vacation pay, and two weeks severance. In addition, i am elligible for Unemployment. So i'm not exactly scared shitless.
There is food in the cupboard. There is gas in car. (And that's an increasingly aggravating thing of late)

I have a total of 120 dollars in my possession.
The bulk of which will be slain by transport to and fro.
But will also have to deal with parking costs, and the costs for games. My room is covered, my registration is handled.

And i've got a couple more days to try and figure out some way to throw a few more dollars at my trip.

As most of you know, i dearly love Origins and in truth, i learn something new about gaming every time. It will be my treat to touch base with the White Wolf folks again, as well as friends i've made in Columbus. And i hope to catch up to Fred Hicks and Chad Underkoffer at the IPR booth.

In addition, quite a number of the Lexington crew are going, many of them are Cam Members.

Pinky Berkowitz has a Posse!

I'm kidding. But it will be nice to show off a few more of the people that have a level of play that i am consistently proud of.

Because of my somewhat limited budget. I suspect that i might be leaning a little into game demos in the dealers room. And if i am able buy ANYTHING. i'll be wildly shocked.

Of course, there will be a report. I have foreseen it!