Saturday, September 09, 2006

A few thoughts on Reputation

There is resistance. I know there is, and most of it has to do with things properly in the past. I am coming to have an appreciation for the way that the Camarilla is run. But i fear that trying to get the thing off the ground here is colored by the excesses and personality problems of the past.

I'm not seeing it, frankly. It seems that all the troublemakers and drama queens have either grown up or moved on, and i am happy to report that my contact with the new Camarilla has been pretty darn good.

Now gamer chemistry is a tricky thing. And in your domain, it may be a different story. as always, your mileage may vary. But it seems like that the people round these parts and in Columbus seem to have their heads on straight.

As a matter of fact, it is my hope, that i can show others that this is the case. Heck, with the class-A players i've got, it's my hope that i can show other people in other places how it's really done.

See the problem is one of reputation. Once a gamer's rep is wrecked, it's not irrepairable, but it is going to take time. and it is going to take energy.

Each and every person i know, that's ruined their own rep, has had the devil's own time repairing it. (In some cases, this was entirely deserved.) Even getting tagged as someone who regularly "Flakes" on people, is enough to make it hard to get invited to play.

Protect your reputation. The best way to do this is to do what you say you'll do.
The other best way is to lead by example.

Sono finito

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Am i a bad person? You Damn Betcha!

So. Last night, two friends and I drove from Lexington KY. to Columbus, Ohio to participate in some gaming in the Camarilla.
Now, Driving 200 miles and change for a game and then driving home is not something i usually do. But, I and my friends are getting our feet wet in the Cam and we are doing a bit of driving these days as we don't have a chapter of our own.

I'm thinking, that this will come next.

In any case, my report of the Columbus gamers is that they are a genial bunch. and even the ones that i've made mortal enemies of In Character, are nice folks out of character. This is all good.

I made some trouble for my friends. I made more trouble for my enemies. It ain't gumbo unless you stir it up, ya know.
The Legend of Pinky Berkowitz continues.

Our only major grouse was that our directions were a bit specious (causing us to be lost in the midst of OSU post game traffic) and the actual game started late. (Which turned out to be good for us, but we were expecting to get rolling once we hit the door and cleared check-in.)

It occurs to me that it might not be bad idea to figure out a way to can the pre-game meeting as best as one is able. Hand the players, their willpower and blood tokens, Give them some kind of pre-game newsletter or somesuch, and then as soon as you've got your gear, on you go.

Perhaps a test is in order?