Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WOD Mafia and the whole damn premise

So. Some of you are probably wondering what sort of madness I've roped you into THIS time. Well...I started to get the itch to play a chat game again. It's been a while. The last few attempts have been upsetting and off-putting. But even so, i've been away long enough, that I was starting to feel a desire to make a new character and play it someplace. So I asked around and was told about a place or two, which I've been looking at. And honestly, I started thinking about all the various experiences that have gone into some years of online play. Some good, some...not. And I started wondering if there was some means to raise the general level of play. I mean, I know some damn fine players, and some damn fine ST's but those people are in the minority. Most of you understand that a good Online Chat game is a collaborative art form...And if 20+ years in the theater have taught me anything about collaborative art forms, it's taught me that they are a bit fragile. But there are things you can do to make it less so. Sure, I can create a magnum opus of everything that is wrong, or fucked up, or broken, about Online games. But odds are good that If i just put it out there. The beast will simply roll over and go back to sleep. But if there were a secret faction of bad-ass players and ST's, that had the ideas and more importantly, the back-up to shout down the butt-hurt and the douchwaffles. Maybe we could effect some real change in the state of the art. That's the plan. At least, that's what I'm calling it.


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