Friday, June 24, 2005

For those of you who came in late...

This particular Crank Report represents something of a departure from normal Cranks of the past. In discovering Blogger, I have found a new way to work. And in doing so, I am inspired to do more.
To be honest, Writing is a lot like Magick. Some would even say that it IS a form of Magick. And magick requires exactly 3 things from it's practitioners. Imagination, Will, and Patience. I have the first two. Gaining the third is unfortunately the work of a lifetime for me. I have more than I did when I was young, but I still lack the patience necessary to create large scale long term projects. You know, the kind I could make money with.
The old saw is undoubtedly true. a writer writes. And while I like to think I know my way around a turn of phrase, I have never had the discipline to sit down in front of the computer and write at least a little bit more days than not.
As a result, I am finding ways to try to circumvent my natural laziness, procrastination, and latent perfectionism. The method that I discovered was to work in short bursts as best as I was able. Some Crank reports would boil out of me from some weird emotional impetus and others would come in bits and pieces until I could assemble them into some kind of framework. While I always appreciate being struck by the lightning of creativity, You cannot expect that kind of storm every day.
Now, with the functional ease of Blogger, the way is bit more clear to create brand new things, to spitball ideas, to bluesky wildly. To speculate or critique events in the geek world or the game world as they become available to me. To slap up ideas that are half finished and work on them a bit more as I go. To get feedback even and incorporate the best ideas into the ongoing projects.

Hey the whole point of this exercise is to help refine the art of Gaming and if I can come home from work and plug an idea into the blog simple as pie, then the tendency is to think more about those things and see what will come from them.

Now if you're not the sort who gets all buttery from how writers work (or try to work) The by all means completely disregard this post. But to me, this represents a bit of a departure. A new experiment. A new mountain to climb.

And I have to admit. I'm excited.
Over the next week or so, I'll be going through old files and such and turning out my pockets of things that for one reason or another haven't gotten put up yet. Some will be finished and others will get finished as we go. I am formally encouraging each and every one of you to help out as you see fit.

I also want to thank John Rogers and Warren Ellis for showing that this Blog thing is actually kind of neat and useful if you've got something to say beyond " My Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Gender neutral fucktoy/ just dumped me. OMGWTFBBQ!" or "Here is diary of things that happen to me and why the world sux! I am Manic-Bi-Polar and I might have Multiple personality disorder. So I can't really be held responsible for anything that I do."

Bleah! Multiple personality disorder my ass. You're lucky if you've even got one in there, you flavicamous scooter-monkey!

Blogs are actually kind of neat and in many cases can offer a window into lives you would never see into otherwise.
and who knows, maybe with this new wrinkle, I might figure out a way to make one of my primary obsessions buy a house for me. That would be nice.


At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....I got started reading blogs when a gaming friend of mine moved to NYC and started a blog. He was funny, and his blog at times got so many hits he had to pay for extra bandwidth. Do a Google search on "Soylent Kreme" and check out the top entry to see a sample of this sort of thing...

.....Only problem is that he ended up getting hired by "Gawker," and his blogging has died down to nothing...

.....Still, he is living proof that blogging can lead to a job!

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