Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ASSHOLE! (Or: How to win enemies and influence nobody)

A reasonable man adapts to his surrounding. An unreasonable man demands that his surrounding adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is caused by unreasonable men.

-George Bernard Shaw

It has been noted by some, that on occasion, I can be...Oh how to put this delicately...A monstrous prick.

I cannot, in good conscience, refute or deny these allegations. I am guilty of these charges and many more besides. I do have an explanation though. Will I have the opportunity to explain before being executed?

Well that's mighty charitable of you.

I can begin to appreciate the Devil these days. See, a lot of gamers seem to want to paint me and most other Game masters and Storytellers as some kind of Adversary...Some sort of malign deity put on this earth specifically to torment them and ruin their lives. Personally I got better things to do. I don't go home after a hard days work and sit in my heated kidney shaped pool,sipping martinis and thinking about all the ways I'm gonna keep my gamers down.

See, I have a vision.

I want to create a memorable game. I want you to have fun playing it. And I want to have fun running it. I want to learn from it. And I want you to learn from it. I want there to be actual teamwork and I want it in and out of the game. I want my games to be the kind of games that I and my players are proud to be in and that I am proud to write about. I want to experiment with the art of gaming and maybe further it somehow. I want us all to step into legend.

And I will not accept anything less!

So if you whine a pule at me about not accepting your dopey choice of character type or you carp at me about not giving you an assload of magickal tchotchkes, or you bring a character that's so 2-dimensional that I could slice bread with it...Or worse no character at all. Then, Yes. I might be a little tetchy!

If you feel the need to deliberately monkeywrench my plotline, If you do spectacularly stupid things and expect me to save your nappy ass every time, if you act like a creep to your fellow gamers out of character, Expect the wrath of god.

Are you cheating? Fudging the dice or the numbers? They use to shoot cheaters in the days of the old west.

Do you really think that arguing with me in the middle of combat is really a good idea? Do you really believe that I am that ethically spotless? Act as if I'm unfair and you might just find out how unbe-fucking-lieveably unfair I can be.

I am not here for you to test yourself against. I can understand where that comes from though. Back in the old days, Dungeon crawling was a lot like negotiating a mental obstacle course. The Dungeon Master was encouraged to take on the role of vicious deity/drill instructor. So it's kind of understandable. Back in those days it was unthinkable to take a some sort of hit for the sake of the story. Story? What's that? This is just some silly adventure we're doing. Heck it started in that pub we normally hang out in.

That's not my job anymore. My job is to tell a story. Your job is to live it. That requires a different set of priorities from what you might be used to but I'm sure you can handle it. So put away that Drow Ranger of yours and come jump into the real world with me.

You also have to understand that when I tell you "NO" that I may have my reasons and that it's not to be taken as some sort of personal attack. You might not be able to see it, but your Silver fang/Malkavian Abomination might not really fit into the gritty chronicle I have in mind. Especially if he like to dress up in a black strapless evening dress or a clown suit.

Here's another thing that I won't tolerate: I make the decisions as to who stays and who goes. My attitude is that bad players can get better if they work at it. If they are willing then I'll work with them. I don't want to drive away good players and I don't want to drive away people who are capable of being good players.

Do I seem a little autocratic? Fine. You run the game.

I want to spoil you. I want you to enjoy this game so much that other GM's seem pale comparisons. But I can't do that unless you work WITH me instead of AGAINST me.

I am not your adversary. Most of the time you are your own worst enemy.

Wake up. rise up, and follow me toward the light.

Sono Finito


At 1:50 AM, Anonymous Acid Reign said...

.....I'm a coward that way. I just send out emails to the ones I want to play. The assholes don't get one. No Yahoo Groups to try to keep the password straight on, and no Yahoo Group emails Norton thinks are viruses, no website, no pre-ordained game time, just details in a personal email.

.....Forward that email, and get scratched from the list, buddy-boy! Fudging? I keep the records. The dice are rolled on MY macro. You want XP for it? Write me a note! And not a note about who you shot with your MAC-10!

.....Argue with me about combat? Go ahead! Make my day! If you have a legitimate gripe, I will change it, but I've been doing this on a weekly basis since Nixon was President, and I've seen a LOT of battles!

.....If I said it, and you can produce evidence, I will cave. That's one reason I don't mess with the rules much. A decent storyteller has to document those things, and I'm lazy!

.....I just about require a post-game note. I'm not going to remember what happened in a game six months ago! Heck, I can't even remember where I sat my Stinger down a few minutes ago! I give up to FOUR Roleplaying XP on the White Wolf XP system, but only if you bluebook your character's thoughts well... I have one player who more or less sits in the corner during games with his notepad, but writes the BEST post-game note! He also notices EVERYTHING and knows far more about what's going on than everyone else. The other players can't understand why a Brujah ex-football player P.I. knows, and they figure he has some big mojo Auspex...



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